Ameritas Dental and Vision Plans Need Dental

Do you need dental coverage?

Dental Plans

Ameritas PrimeStar® dental insurance plans feature next-day coverage and no enrollment fees. There are no waiting periods on most dental plans. Preventive visits, such as dental exams and cleanings, are covered up to 100%. And some dental plans include additional benefits such as LASIK, orthodontia, or hearing care.

Preventive Plus

Type 1 Preventive procedures are not deducted from the plan’s annual maximum benefit. This saves all of the annual benefit to help pay for more expensive Type 2 and 3 procedures.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is included as a Type 3 Major benefit on the PrimeStar Access dental plan.


Child orthodontia

With the PrimeStar Access dental plan, coverage for orthodontic services include teeth straightening and jaw alignment for children under age 19.


Vision Plans

Ameritas PrimeStar vision insurance plans all offer next-day coverage, no waiting periods, and no enrollment fees. Choose from plans that feature the VSP or EyeMed vision networks. All plans include coverage for eye exams and eyewear such as glasses or contact lenses.

Nationwide networks

Each insurance plan offers benefits with any dental and vision care provider. The Ameritas Dental Network is one of the nation’s largest, and network providers offer savings of 25-50% on out-of-pocket costs. Vision plans include VSP and EyeMed network savings on exams and eyewear. Search network providers near you.



Benefits for laser vision correction are available for those over age 18 with the PrimeStar Access dental plan.


Hearing Care

Coverage for hearing exams and hearing aids is available for plan members of all ages with the PrimeStar Total dental plan.

"We have a plan for you! Find the best affordable dental insurance plan and vision insurance plan for you and your family. We have a plan to fit all ages. Ameritas dental plans and vision plans are great supplemental insurance options for Medicare and Marketplace health care plans. And hassle-free online enrollment and billing make it easy to maintain your dental care and vision care needs. All plans include prescription and hearing care savings programs at no additional cost."